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     My name is János Krisztián Méry but I prefer to be called “dear Jani”. I’ve been dealing with internet since 1996, specifically with internet technologies, web development, remote linux / unix operations, internet radio and television programs, streaming technologies. My first serious work place was the Film Institute (National Film Institute nowadays, MANDA), this was followed by several system critical places, among others the parallel operation of 35 linux and unix servers – I pursue a similar activity at the moment as well. In the past 25 years I worked on loads of homepages, webshops, inside and outside my country – but it’s fair to say that I was involved in Hungary’s first bigger mainstream websites. I created websites for accountancy firms, children camps, news portals, wakeboard and computer shops, cinemas, job centres, screenprinting workshops, discos, but wasn’t scared of pages with adult content either. 

     I aim to focus on the client’s needs with any order and use the most appropriate tools and solutions with the client’s goal in mind. Web technology varies widely, there are trendy and not as trendy technologies, budget friendly and costly solutions. I always try to find the most suitable one for my clients, with the optimal price-value-performance coordinates. I am not going to suggest a Laravel and cloud based website for auntie Mary’s sewing shop, just because it’s trendy, it’s the future and so modern. I am also not going to recommend a Joomla based system to a law firm, just because it’s cheap and fast to create. Just as you won’t see me creating a Magento based webshop for a mom selling handcrafts (would be nice for me as it pays well). The main thing is always to find the best technology applicable for the needs of the client. No need to shoot a sparrow with a cannon, and also, we don’t build a wall of straw around lions. 

    Being a dog person myself, owning 3 beautiful English Setters, I really like dog related tasks and also possess a big deal of expertise, so I really appreciate enquiries from breeders, dog training organisations, clubs, charities, rescues and am even happy to give a discount for a good cause.

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Website development

With my 25 year of experience I undertake the development, design of the simplest and complex websites portal systems for personal need with optimized search engines. For the clients the most important  is that they get the most optimal workmanship but in many cases the developers tend to offer a more robust solution than necessary and, in some cases, to offer a less powerful solution than necessary in order to obtain a better price. I feel it is my job to get the clients a page that is optimal both professionally and in terms of value for their money. The  variations of possibilities are limitless, from personalized development to WP, WP/Divi, WP/Elementor systems.

Website operation

For many it’s not easy to navigate in the world of website editing systems, html, CSS, and php and for that I can also help in these in order of casual or regular  basis. The customer’s task is only to deliver the necessary material and it will be entered into the site aesthetically, in a form that meets typographic expectations.

Webshop creating and operating

In today’s modern world webshop is an exceptionally important part of commerce and there may option for that either through own webshops or renting of a webshop platform. The common attribution of these sites can be complex based on their personalizing and graphic designing and needs professional knowledge even if the related marketing advertisements say otherwise. I can help my clients both in choosing the perfect solution and commissioning these websites. There is also an extra option in cases of webshop operation that I can help in the update of the variations of items as well as the daily commissioning of the webshop, it is the clients only task is to execute the orders.

Website renovating

Rethinking, repairing, renovating older websites that have not been maintained for years, bringing them to the level of today’s expectations as much as possible. Sometimes it’s enough to replace a few elements of the website, but in cases it could need more. One of the most common problems of our time is the termination of FLASH but it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost for our site to shine in its original form again.

Linux / Unix system operation – system administration

In many cases, space-intensive systems running special services, containing protected data, and running corporate mail require your own, leased or VPS server.  Operating them is a complex and intricate task that requires knowledge and, last but not least, serious experience, as the surprises are in the details. Managing it accordingly is the result of many years of learning that is maintained on a daily basis.  I undertake the operation of existing servers as well as the creation of newly started systems in both physical and VPS environments.

Guidance / project observations

In many cases, an IT project under construction exceeds the customer’s professional experience, in which case someone can assess the problem as a third, independent party and help them navigate between needs and opportunities, deliver a complete solution proposal, and help with procurement.

In these situations, once the project draft is completed, the needs are there, but you need someone who is professionally competent to help with communication with the construction company, oversee the development process, project documentation and execution.



The prices shown are for information only. An accurate, correct price can only be given with the knowledge of the task.


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